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1. The writer of the story “An astrologer’s Day is:

a. R. N. Tagore

b. Raja Rao

c. R. K. Narayan

d. Mulk Raj Anand

2. The story “An astrologer’s Day” was published in:

a. 1922

b. 1923

c. 1947

d. 1948


3. The story “An astrologer’s Day” belongs to:

a. Malgudi Days

b. Contemporary English Stories

c. Best of R.K. Narayan

d. None


4. How many stories are in "Malgudi Days:

a. 32.

b. 8

c. 15

d. 58


5. The setting of the story is:

a. Bombay

b. Delhi

c. Malgudi

d. Chennai


6. This story was first published in:

a. Indian Thought Publication

b. Penguin Publication

c. Oxford Publication

d. Cambridge Publication

7. The protagonist of the story was:

a. The Writer

b. The neighbour

c. An astrologer

d. None of above


8. The astrologer was punctual in:

a. Opening his shop

b. Closing his shop

c. Sleeping

d. Praying to God


9. The astrologer opened his shop at:

a. 9 AM

b. Sharp Midday

c. Any time

d. Evening.


10. He had the following number of cowrie shells along with him:

a. 10

b. 12

c. 15

d. 18


11. An Astrologer wore impressive get up because:

a. He wanted to travel another village         

b. He wanted to impress customers            

c. He used to like wear the impressive dresses

d. He wanted to participate in a marriage


12. He had a mystic chart on:

a. Ground

b. Bag

c. Palm

d. a square piece of cloth


13. The professional equipment which the Astrologer did not have:

a. Cowrie shells         

b. Lemon and chilli            

c. A notebook

d. A bundle of palmyra writing


14. Obscure means:

a. Supernatural         

b. Bright            

c. Increase

d. Difficult to understand


15. He had a bundle of writing notes on:

a. Chart

b. Palmyra

c. Papyrus

d. Paper

16. His forehead was coloured with:

a. Mud

b. Ash

c. Vermilion

d. Both ash and vermilion


17. His clients thought the gleam of his eyes as:

a. Sun rays

b. Prophetic light

c. Magic light

d. None of above.


18. Whiskers mean:

a. Moustache

b. Beard

c. Tusker

d. Drinks


19. The colour of the astrologer’s turban was:

a. Red

b. Green

c. Yellow

d. Saffron


20. People were attracted to the astrologer like:

a. bees to dahlia

b. Fish to water

c. Children to toys

d. Police to criminals


21. The astrologer sat under the:

a. Tamarind tree

b. Mango Tree

c. Banyan tree

d. Peepul tree


22. The path that touched the shop of the astrologer, went through the:

a. Forest

b. Play ground

c. Village fair

d. Town Hall Park


23. The auctioneer auctioned in that place:

a. Furniture

b. Cheap Cloth

c. Antique jewellery

d. stolen hardware


24. Who attracted the people most? :

a. Groundnut seller

b. Astrologer

c. Magician

d. Auctioneer


25. The groundnut seller called his groundnut:

a. Bombay Ice cream

b. Delhi Almond

c. King’s Delicacy

d. Above all


26. ‘Raja’s Delicacy’ is:

a. Eaten by Rajas only      

b. Eaten by the astrologer              

c. The name given to the nut by a vendor of fried groundnuts

d. None


27. The astrologer transacted his business by the light of:

a. Cycle lamp

b. Hissing gaslight

c. Naked flare

d. Groundnut seller’s flare


28. The astrologer had:

a. Cycle lamp

b. Hissing gaslight

c. Naked flare

d. No light


29. The astrologer left his village:

a. Without any plan

b. With a lot of plan

c. to be an astrologer

d. to meet his wife


30. He had a working analysis of mankind’s:

a. Troubles

b. Profession

c. Joy

d. Nothing


31. What sharpened the astrologer’s perception? :

a. His wit

b. Long Practice.

c. Long study

d. Yoga


32. Per question, the astrologer charged:

a. 5 pies

b. 2 pies

c. 1 rupee

d. 3 pies


33. He gave his customer to speak:

a. 10 minutes

b. 5 minutes

c. No time

d. 15 minutes


34. To which fact did most of the customer agreed? :

a. “In many ways you are not getting the fullest result for your efforts”

b. “Most of your troubles are due to your nature”

c. “How can you be otherwise with Saturn where he is?

d. None of above.


35. The signal for astrologer to bundle up his shop was:

a. The sun sets in west

b. The nut-vendor blew out his flare

c. His wife call him for dinner

d. None of above

36. When the nut-vendor blew out his flare only the light remained at astrologer’s shop was:

a. Cycle lamp

b. Gas lights

c. Municipality light

d. Unknown green light

37. “You look so careworn”—the speaker is:

a. Nut vendor

b. Guru Nayak

c. Astrologer

d. Auctioneer


38. You look so careworn”—here the referred person is:

a. Nut vendor

b. Guru Nayak

c. Astrologer

d. Auctioneer


39. “It will do you good to sit down for a while and chat with me”—The speaker is:

a. Wife

b. Guru Nayak

c. Astrologer

d. Writer


40. “You call yourself an astrologer”—Who is the speaker? :

a. Guru Nayak

b. Astrologer himself

c. Wife

d. Nut seller


41. “Tell me something worthwhile……….”—The speaker is:

a. Guru Nayak

b. Astrologer himself

c. Wife

d. Nut seller


42. Guru Nayak flung out at the astrologer:

a. One anna.

b. Three pies

c. One rupee

d. Five rupees


43. If the astrologer could satisfy Guru Nayak he would demand:

a. One anna

b. Three pies

c. One rupee

d. Five rupees.


44. The negotiation ended at:

a. Eight annas.

b. Three pies

c. One rupee

d. Five rupees.


45. If the astrologer proved wrong, he had to return:

a. Full amount

b. Half of his charge

c. One rupee

d. Twice of his charge.


46. Guru Nayak lit up a:

a. Cheroot

b. Cigarette

c. Bidi

d. None


47. The astrologer could see the face of new customer by:

a. The light of Municipality

b. Nut vendor’s flare

c. matchlight of the customer

d. Auctioneer’s light


48. The vehicle that entered the road was:

a. Jutka.

b. Taxi

c. Bus

d. Bullock cart


49. “Leave me today……..” –The speaker was:

a. Guru Nayak

b. Astrologer.

c. Wife

d. Nut seller


50. Astrologer felt uncomfortable:

a. A man came to him with a knife         

b. A man had beaten him            

c. He saw the man in the light to whom he had beaten and left for death.

d. None of the above


51. “Challenge is challenge”—the speaker is:

a. Guru Nayak.

b. Astrologer

c. Wife

d. Nut seller

52. “Otherwise I will not open my mouth”—The astrologer demanded for the last time to speak:

a. One anna

b. Three pies

c. One rupee.

d. Five rupees


53. Ultimately the astrologer got from Guru Nayak:

a. One anna

b. Three pies

c. One rupee

d. Twelve and half annas.


54. Guru Nayak was attacked by:

a. Sword

b. Dagger

c. Knife

d. Stone

55. “Good fellow”—Who was the speaker?:

a. Author

b. Astrologer

c. Guru Nayak.

d. Nut vendor


56. “Good fellow”—the referred fellow was:

a. Author

b. Astrologer.

c. Guru Nayak

d. Nut vendor


57. Guru Nayak was pushed into a:

a. Well

b. Pond

c. River

d. Septic Tank


58. Guru Nayak was rescued from the well by:

a. Some passer-by

b. Astrologer

c. His wife

d. Nut vendor


59. “When shall I get at him”—the speaker is:

a. Author

b. Astrologer

c. Guru Nayak

d. Nut vendor


60. “When shall I get at him”—the speaker wanted to get:

a. Author

b. Astrologer

c. Guru Nayak

d. Nut vendor


61. According to the astrologer, the attacker of Guru Nayak died:

a. Four months ago.

b. Five months ago

c. One Month ago

d. One year ago


62. According to the astrologer, the attacker of Guru Nayak died:

a. In this town

b. In a far-off town

c. Bombay

d. Delhi


63. “You know my name!”—the name refers to name of:

a. Author

b. Astrologer

c. Medicine seller

d. Guru Nayak.


64. The village of Guru Nayak is at:

a. East

b. West

c. South

d. North.


65. The village of Guru Nayak was far from astrologer’s town:

a. One day’s journey

b. Two days’ journey

c. Four days’ journey

d. Five days journey


66. The astrologer offered Guru Nayak to rub on his forehead:

a. Ash

b. Vermilion

c. Mud

d. Oilment


67. Astrologer advised Guru Nayak not to travel:

a. Eastward

b. Westward

c. Northward

d. Southward.


68. the astrologer asked the stranger to:

a. Come to the city often            

b. Go to the Raja                

c. Read astrology

d. Remain in his village for ever


69. Astrologer predicted that Guru Nayak would live:

a. 50 years

b. 90 years

c. 100 years

d. 80 years


70. According to the astrologer, his attacker was crushed under:

a. Lorry.

b. Truck

c. Tractor

d. Bus


71. The astrologer reached home at:

a. Evening

b. Midnight

c. Midday

d. 11 PM


72. Astrologer’s wife was waiting for him at:

a. Field

b. Bed room

c. Door

d. Courtyard


73. The wife of astrologer wanted to buy with money:

a. Sweet

b. Jaggery

c. Coconut

d. Jaggery and coconut.


74. His wife wanted to prepare for her children:

a. Coconut sweet

b. Chicken curry

c. Sweet rice

d. None


75. Astrologer had a:

a. Son

b. Daughter

c. Sister

d. None


76. “The swine has cheated me!”—The swine refers to:

a. Astrologer

b. His wife

c. Guru Nayak.

d. None


77. “The swine has cheated me!”—The speaker was:

a. Astrologer.

b. His wife

c. Guru Nayak

d. None


78. “You tried to kill”—The speaker is:

a. Astrologer

b. His wife.

c. Guru Nayak

d. None


79. “You tried to kill”—who tried to kill?:

a. Astrologer.

b. His wife

c. Guru Nayak

d. None


80. Many years ago the astrologer had:

a. Studied astrology            

b. Stabbed a man and left him for dead.           

c. Read the stranger’s palm

d. Committed theft


81. The astrologer confessed the truth to:

a. The stranger         

b. His wife               

c. His child

d. Guru Nayak


82. How does the astrologer's wife respond to his tale of nearly killing someone?:

a. She faints

b. She divorces him

c. She is mad that he did not finish the job

d. She is shocked.

83. The word ‘pyol’ means:

a. High platform on both side of house entrance.

b. Bed

c. Chair

d. Cloth piece to sit on


84. The word ‘jutka’ means:

a. Two wheeled, horse drawn carriage.

b. A kind of food

c. Chair

d. Cloth piece to sit on