Sunday, October 14, 2018

Autobiography of Mobile Phone

The day I was born :
I am very happy today as I am able to write an autobiography on my own self. I always wanted to do that. First of all let me introduce myself to you all. I am a mobile phone; which you all might owe. I am a Nokia X2-01. I am a very good looking phone and strong like Shaktimaan; even though my skin is black; but still ladies get charmed by my appearance and wish to buy me as well. But now it is very different; I am very old and damaged as well. But still I remember the day I was born. I was manufactured in one of the factory where many of my kind are manufacture.

I was totally taken care of as I was very latest phone and people were dying to buy me as soon as I come to the mobile store. The workers in the factory were very caring as they took care of me very well and packed me in a box and then send me to one of the best mobile store. But still I was packed and was kept inside a storeroom and I was patently waiting for my number to get opened up and be in front; so that every can praise my beauty and surly I will be taken by someone very soon.
Out of the mobile store :
I was still in the box at storeroom; as many of me kind were there; so it was taking a lot of time for me to get out of that stupid storeroom. I really hated that small Dark room; as there were many other brand mobile phone also who were totally jealous of me as I was in demand. They used to tease me as I was black; but no one show my inner beauty. I got totally sick of the place and every day I used to pray that someone will come and will get e out of this sick place. And finally that day came; when a thin looking boy; who I guess was the salesmen came up to me and took me happily and got me out of that storeroom. And here I was in the mobile store where customers used to come and buy whichever handset they like.

I was very desperate to know who have bought me; but I saw that one couple took me happily and were saying to each other that their daughter will be happy to get me as her birthday gift. So my owner was still a mystery to be. And it was making me madder as I was wondering why a girl would like to have a handset which actually suits men? Anyways I was on my way to see who was my sweet and lovely owner?
I was in a place almost like heaven :
Finally they got me out of their car and there was a huge party going on and I was just happy to see the happy face when she will receive me as her birthday gift. The couple handed me to her with overwhelming joy and I almost got deaf as my lady was out of mind when she screamed with joy after receiving me. She opened me and I saw her; a very beautiful looking 18 years old girl. And the very first think this did is kissed me; I got shy.

The reason she was so happy because I was here first ever cell phone. And that whole day she was showing me to all of her friends and was even proud of me. She was not leaving me for a single second and not only this she was awake the whole night to explore all my features. I was very happy to get such a sweet girl as my master and her home was just like heaven to me and I never wanted to leave that place.
Happy days gone; thanks to children :
Everything was going fine; it was almost six months that I was with her. She was very sweet to me; even the kisses got less; but still she respected me a lot and whenever she used to keep me anywhere; it was with care and safety; it just felt as I was a small child. Yes; I remember one time; she was talking to someone; and suddenly she got so angry that she threw me in her sofa; thank goodness; it was sofa, otherwise I was almost going to get damaged. But after when she got calm down; she took me and was looking for any damaged and I am happy that she didn't found even one. But I cannot forget that day when her sister and her two children came to stay for two weeks.

Those two little girls were always being me and they used to take me and play with me when my owner, Ria was not around. She used to scold them not to touch me. But those two devils were very naughty. And on the worst day of my life; one of the girl; took me and throw me directly from the balcony; I landed up in the garden area and broken into pieces; I was helpless; but still active. My owner came running to me and tries to fix me; but she was not able to. Even she cried for my accident. Her father then took me and told her that I will give it to some repair guy; and he will fix it. And your cell phone will be back with you in the best condition. And there I was taken away from her with a hope I will return to her very soon.
The repair shop - unlucky for me :
Her father dropped me to the repair shop. The guy seems to be very rude. As soon as he took me; he threw me in a box; where many cell phones was thrown and they were in a very bad condition as I was. But they were really nice cell phone and they were sharing their sad story of how they landed up here in that smelly shop, even I shared my story too. After almost one week of boring stay; that rude fellow took me out and repaired me; I was given a new body as my original one was damaged; thanks to that girl! And finally I was repaired; I was really very happy to see myself; I was looking so handsome; more than I used to look before.

And now I was simply waiting for my owner's father to come and take me away from this filthy place. But I guess; god had set something else for me. As I was waiting; I show a young looking guy coming to the shop to buy a recharge and as the shop guy was searching for his recharge card; he just took me and kept me in his pocket hurriedly. And this happened because that shop guy didn't keep me back in the box; so I was quite easy for anybody to take me and that only happened. I was very scared; as I didn't knew what is going to happen?
I got a very rude master :
I was shivering like anything. That he took me out of his pocket and I saw my people were around me and were checking me out and my new owner was telling them the story how bravely he took me from the store. And that is it; after that I was never taken care of. He used to make some calls and so many sms through me so carelessly that only after few months that some of my keys were not working; but still that shameless guy was using me so roughly that I lost my shine and functionality too. And one day he gave me to one guy who used to collect waste stuffs. Yes I was now a waste; I cannot believe that such things would happen to me. But as it is said that there is always a door open for you. That guy took me and gave me to a store were waste thing get recycled. And now I have a hope that I would soon get recycled to something useful and people will use me with care and respect that I deserve.

Right now I am still in the shop and waiting for to get recycled. But still sometimes I miss my very first master and I pray to god that when I will get recycled to a new cell phone' I will again be brought by her only. Let see what will happen. But now I am feeling very happy to share my life with you all and I just want to say one thing that whenever you are buying a new cell phone take care of it very well and don't disrespect it as I got. Then only that cell phone will be local to you till he takes his last breath.


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