Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Character of Natalya.

Character of Natalya 

Answer:   In the one act play The Proposal by Anton Chekhov, Natalya is introduced as the daughter of a land-owner Chubukov. She is a young girl of 25. She is also the neighbour of Lomov and she is adept in household works. Besides her good looking, she is educated too. At the very beginning of the play, we see that she is very formal as she greets Lomov with warmth and she is very gracious too as she permits Lomov to smoke. Natalya also has the sense of appreciation as she compliments Lomov upon his dressing. But she is a quarrelsome girl by nature as she begins to quarrel with Lomov oxen meadows, superiority of their dogs. Even forgetting that Lomov is their neighbour and presently a guest, Natalya abuses him and forces him to get out. But when she comes to know about the reason of Lomov’s visiting their house, she becomes infuriated, desperate to marry him and while wailing, blames her father for Lomov’s departure. So, Natalya is a hypocritical, obstinate and as well as a love-sick girl.