Monday, March 6, 2023

Write a letter to the Panchayet Prodhan/ Municipal Chairman to set up purified water plant in your village.

Haripur Gram Panchayet,
Haripur, Santipur.

Sub: Request for purified water plant in our village.


    I, on behalf of all the villagers of Nrisinghapur Village, am writing to request the setting up of a purified water plant in our Nrisinghapur village. We, the people of Nrisinghapur village, have been facing an acute water crisis for many years. The existing water sources are contaminated and the water is unsafe for drinking. This has caused many health issues in our village and we are in desperate need of a purified water plant that can provide us with clean and safe water. The village is home to nearly 700 households, and a water plant would be a major boon to our community. The setting up of a water plant would be a major milestone in the development of the village.

    I hope, you will consider this request and look into the matter and take initiatives to solved this problem at your earliest.

Thanking you,

Your sincerely,
Samapan Pal