Saturday, October 26, 2019

1. Was Macbeth a villain or hero? / Character of Macbeth.

The greatest tragic hero of Shakespeare of all time is not Hamlet, but Macbeth. Shakespeare presented Macbeth in such way that as if there was a divorce between the actions of Macbeth and Macbeth himself.

There were some external factors that led Macbeth to commit crime which would prove fatal to him. The first is the supernatural agency of the three witches who turned ‘fair’ Macbeth into ‘foul’ one by making prediction about his future life that he would be the king of Scotland. Lady Macbeth whom some critics consider as the forth witch, incited Macbeth to commit the crime by murdering Duncan.

The innocence of his nature is also evident in his acts, behaviours, doubts, torments that he underwent before the murder. Even after being persuaded by his wife to commit the murder, he suddenly changed his mind. Also the dagger scene revealed his “single state of mind”. After committing the murder, Macbeth not only lost his sleep but also lost his peace of mind during the waking hours.

It was his imagination and his ambition that caused his much torment and ultimately his death. Though Macbeth killed so many people and his dear ones, it will not be entirely justified if he is called the villain. Rather he is a real tragic protagonist.

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