Thursday, March 26, 2020


1. Who were the Burnell children?

 Isabel, Lottie and Kezia were the Burnell children.

2. Who were the Kelveys?

 Kelveys were Lil and Else.

3. Who gifted the doll’s house? Who received the doll’s house?

 Mrs. Hay gifted the doll’s house to Burnell children.

 Burnell children received the doll’s house.

4. Who carried the doll’s house in the courtyard and how was it put?

 Pat and the carter carried the doll’s house in the courtyard and it was put on two wooden boxes.

5. What were the difference between the doll’s house and the real house?

 In a real house there remained a door for each room in the house. But in the doll’s house there was only one front door through which the inside of every room could be noticed.

6. Who was pat?

 Pat was the driver of Burnell family.

7. Where was the doll’s house placed and why?

 The doll’s house was placed in the courtyard of Burnell’s house because it was too large to carry into house and they thought that the smell of paint would have gone off.

8. How were the colours of the house?

 House was painted in oily spinach green, picked out with bright yellow. Its two chimneys were painted in red and white colour. The door had yellow varnish on it and the tiny porch was coloured in yellow.

9. Who opened the doll’s house and how?

 Pat opened the doll’s house with a penknife.

10. How many rooms were there in the doll’s house?

 There were five rooms in the house—one drawing room, one kitchen, one dining room and two bedrooms.

11. What were into the little hall of doll’s house?

 There were a hat-stand and two umbrellas into the little hall of doll’s house.

12. Who was Kezia? What did he like most in that doll’s house?

 Kezia was the youngest among Burnell children. She liked most a lamp in that doll’s house.

13. How was the lamp in the doll’s house?

 The lamp looked real and inside it looked like oil that moved when lamp was shaken.

14. Who were the inhabitants of the doll’s house? / How many dolls were in the doll’s house?

 A father doll, a mother doll and their two little children were the inhabitants of the doll’s house.

15. Why would Isabel tell other schoolmates about the doll’s house? / “I am to tell”—Who will tell and what will she tell? / What did Isabel say before to her sisters going to school?

 Isabel selected herself to tell their schoolmates about the doll’s house because she was eldest and she thought herself always right.

16. How did they decide to invite their mates to show the doll’s house?

 To show the doll’s house, Burnell children decided to invite two friends at a time and they would not be offered tea at all.

17. When did they decide to tell others at school about the doll’s house? Where did they gather during playtime?

 They decided to tell others about the doll’s house during tiffin/ playtime.

 During playtime they gathered under a huge Pine tree at the side of the playground.

18. Who were not allowed everywhere? / Who remained always out of the friend circle? / “….Stayed outside the ring the two……”—About whom was it said?

 Two Kelveys children- Lil and Else were not allowed everywhere.

19. Why did everyone ignore the Kelveys?

 Kelveys’ mother was a poor washer-woman and their father was supposed to be in jail. So everyone ignored them, even did not speak to them.

20. Which families’ children went to school?

 Children from the family of milkman, judge, doctor, shopkeeper went to school?

21. How was the dress of Lil?

 Lil’s dress was made of green art-serge table cloth of Burnells with red plush sleeves from the Logan’s curtain. She got her hat from postmistress Miss Lecky.

22. How was the dress of Else?

 Little Else’s dress was a white one, looked like a nightgown and she wore a pair of boy’s boot.

23. How did Else express her demand to her elder sister Lil?

 Whenever Else wanted anything, little Else gave a tug, a twitch and Lil understood everything.

24. “You have forgetting the lamp”—Who said this and to whom?

 The youngest among the Burnells children, Kezia said this to Isabel.

25. What did the rich children eat during tiffin hour in school?

 The rich kids ate thick mutton sandwiches and big slabs of johnny cake with butter.

26. What did the poor Kelveys eat in school?

 The Kelveys ate jam sandwiches out of newspaper soaked with large red blobs.

27. Why did the aunt Beryl scold Kezia? /”Wicked, disobedient little girl”—Who scolded Kezia and why?

 Aung Beryl scolded Kezia because she invited Kelveys in their house to show the doll’s house.

28. What did Kelveys children do when Aunt Beryl scolded them?

 When Aunt Beryl scolded the Kelveys children for entering Burnells’ house, they immediately somehow managed to flee away from the Burnells’ courtyard like chicken.

29. Where did the Lil and Else went fleeing away from Burnell’s house?

 Fleeing away from Burnell’s house, the two children Lil and Else sat down to rest on a big red drain pipe by the side of road.

30. Why were all girls of school friendly with Isabel?

 All girls of the schools were friendly with Isabel because she owned a beautiful doll’s house and only her friends would be allowed to see that.

31. Who invited the Kelveys to see the doll’s house?

 Youngest among the Burnells children, Kezia invited the Kelveys to see the doll’s house.

32. “It seemed to smile to Kezia, to say, “I live here”—Explain.

 Only Kezia took interest in a lamp that was inside the doll’s house and to her, as if the lamp was smiling and saying that it lived there.

33. “I seen the little lamp”—Who is the speaker? Explain the line?

 Little Else Kelvey is the speaker.

 Unobtrusively, both the two Kelvey sister Lil and Kelvey saw the doll’s house with the consent of Kezia and this fact made Aunt Beryl angry. So the Kelveys fled away and then Else remarked that she had managed to see the beautiful lamp of doll’s house. It shows her difference from other girls and similarity to Kezia.

34. What did Aunt Beryl do when she noticed Kelveys were seeing the doll’s house?

 When she noticed Kelveys were seeing the doll’s house, she became very angry and scolded Kezia calling her wicked, disobedient girl for inviting them. She then drove away the Kelveys children from their house. 


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