Monday, August 31, 2020

Significance of all characters in the play The Post Office.

Answer: Each and every character plays an important role in the play The Post Office and every character has different significance and inner meaning. The most important character Amal signifies a soul waiting for deliverance. Another character watchman symbolises time. That time is powerful and everything in this universe is under the clutch of time. It is clearly stated by him: My gong sounds to tell people; time waits for none but goes on forever. Thus, behind each and every apparent simplicity in dialogue, there remain different serious and deep meanings. Sudha who gathers flower symbolizes grace and sweetness. Madhav stands for a country common man of prosperity. The physician symbolises bookish knowledge that prevents man to achieve wisdom and true knowledge. Even the wicked village Headman plays an important role in this play. He stands for an authority full of pride with no legal power. Amal alone is an angelic creature apparently passive but highly creative through his imaginative perception. The play is a series of dialogue but is dialogue vibrates with meaning.

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