Friday, August 14, 2020

What are the bad effects of not knowing art education? / How do people suffer for neglecting art education?

Answer:  For many reasons, common people exclude art education from their lives. This absence of sense of art education cheats a man aesthetically as well as physically. A man who lacks art education, cannot differentiate between a painting and a photograph. He litters rubbish in the surroundings, spits betel-juice on walls, streets, railway coaches and contaminates nature, harms everyone’s health. Even an educated hostel boy who lacks sense of beauty keeps his clothes, things in disorganized mess. It is seen that in his hostel room, shirts are hanging from photo frames, tea cups and combs of littering on the study table and paper flowers are stuck into used cocoa tins. They become so ignorant that they forget our past heritage and glory of past paintings, sculpture, architecture.

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