Saturday, September 22, 2018

Describe the meeting at firm house. / Describe the reaction of the lovers after meeting./(EXPLANATION OF LAST 4 LINES of the poem)

Farm house

       In the poem ‘Meeting at Night’ the poet Browning presents two mysterious lovers’ meeting at night in a dramatic way. The mysterious lover makes a long journey through out the sea, beach, fields to meet his beloved. Ultimately he reaches at the farm house where his beloved lives. Then he gives “a tap at the pane” as a previously fixed indication to his beloved. Immediately response comes from the farm house, a scratching sound is heard and the beloved lights a match. They both are in fears and joy—fears for their secret union in night and joy for the success of their reunion. A hushed voice, uttered by the beloved, invites the victorious lover. They come so much close that their hearts are beating each other and the sounds of their heart-beats become louder than the hushed voice uttered by them.

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