Friday, September 21, 2018


1. Who is the writer of the poem Meeting at Night? ⇰ Robert Browning

2. Where was the poem published? ⇰ Dramatic Romances and Lyrics.

3. What is the original name of this poem? ⇰ “I Night, II Morning” .

4. What is the name of the 2nd part of original poem?
⇰ “Parting at Morning”

5. What kind of poem is it? ⇰ it is a love lyric or dramatic romance.

6. Who wants to meet and with whom? ⇰ The speaker wants to meet with his beloved.

7. What was the time? ⇰ It was night.

8. How was the sea and land? ⇰ The sea was grey and the land was dark.

9. How was the moon and where?
⇰ The moon was half and yellow on the horizon line.

10. How were the waves leaping? ⇰ The waves were leaping in fiery ringlets.

11. What do you mean by ‘quench’? ⇰Quench means reduce or stop.

12. What did the speaker cross? ⇰ The speaker crossed sea, sea-beach and three fields.

13. How were the lover and the beloved? ⇰ They were in joy and fear.

14. How were their voices? ⇰ The voices were less loud than the sounds of their heart-beat.

15. What is cove?
⇰ Cove is a small sheltered place at bay.

16. What do you mean by ‘slushy sand’? ⇰ It means soft and wet sand.

17. How was the sea beach? ⇰ The beach was warm the sea-scented.

18. Who gives a tap at the pane? ⇰ The lover gives a tap at the pane.

19. Who lights a match?
⇰ The beloved lights a match.

20. Where did the lover’s boat stop?
⇰The lover’s boat stopped at the cove.

21. Where does the beloved live?
⇰ In a farm house.

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