Sunday, June 2, 2019

“You have already been answered”—Which questions were already answered? How did the hermit answer the questions?

Question Mark

              In the story Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy, three vital questions once came into the thought of a Tsar. The first question was connected to the selection of proper time to act any act. His second question was related to the selection of right man. And his third question was to choose the right act to act. Tsar also thought that if he could able to get their answers, there would be no problem in his life.

               To the first question, the hermit answered that the present time was the proper time to act any work. Hermit explained it by saying that at the time of digging soil if the Tsar did not help him and engaged himself in digging, Tsar would have been attacked and killed by the bearded man. To the second question, the hermit said that with whom the Tsar dealt with, was the right person to him and here hermit himself was that right person to the Tsar as the hermit accidently saved Tsar’s life. And in answer to the third question, the hermit said that to do good to human being was the most important act as if he did not save the bearded man’s life, the man would have died and there always remained enmity between them.