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How were Kelveys children separated from other children in school? (Eating and dressing) /OR/ Why did all avoided ignored Kelveys?

Qu: How were  Kelveys children separated from other children in school? (Eating and dressing)


Why did all avoided ignored Kelveys?

Answer: In the short story The Doll's House  the writer Katherine Mansfield has shown the two classes' children and those two classes were totally different and separated from each other. Burnell, Cole, Logan represented upper Rich class whereas Kelveys represented poor lower class. Nobody of the school even the teachers did not talk to them, accompanied them. Elders did not allow their children to speak to them. While passing in front of them they looked up high in the air. everyone including teacher looked down upon, ignored the Kelveys. They did so because they were very poor, their mother was a washerwoman and their father was probably in jail. 

       In case of eating and dressing they were also separated from other schoolmates. Kelveys wore those ill-fitting dresses that were given to them by the people for whom their mother worked. For instance, Lil wore a dress made from a green art-serge table cloth of Burnell with red plus sleeves from the Logan's curtains. Also Lil got her hat from postmistress Miss Lecky. All these made others laugh at her. On the other hand, little Else wore a long white dress that looked like a night gown and a pair of boy's boots. She looked very strange.

       Even their eating was not at the same level of other children. while others had their lunch of thick mutton sandwiches and slabs of johnny cake spread with butter, Kelveys ate simple jam  sandwiches out of the newspaper. They ate sitting on a place always keeping well distance from other children. Thus Kelveys were separated from other children.

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