Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Justify the title of the play "The Rising of The Moon" by Lady Gregory / Significance of the title of the play "The Rising of The Moon".

Answer: The title of any text, literary piece or play reflects its main theme and when the title fulfills this condition, it is called a justified title. Here the title of Lady Gregory's play "The Rising of The Moon"is not at all an exception.

The playwright has given the title to this play in a symbolic way. This title has a symbolic meaning and to understand it, we have to learn about the background of the play. This play is a Irish political play. At the time Ireland was under the rule of British and in 1798 Irishmen wanted their freedom from British. Irishmen begin to seek freedom from the bondage of slavery. When persecution became unbearable and people of Ireland raised voice against British empire. On that plot many Irish revolutionaries were born. They began movement for their motherland.

In this play we see that Police of Ireland under the command of British is searching for the rebel who has escaped from jail. That rebel is is determined to free Ireland from British. He in disguise comes across a Sergeant who is searching him to arrest. That Sergeant is a also an Irish. The rebel by his songs, behaviour attracts the mind of the Sergeant and has able to rouse And finally the rebel reveals his identity and getting the favour of the Sergeant, flees away from there. Before going away, he expresses his optimism that one day Ireland will be free. Here in the title the word 'Rising' symbolizes geting fulfillment of desire and the word 'Moon' symbolises freedom. Just as at night, the moon Perishes the darkness, in the same way the playwright things that one day the darkness of bondage will get light from the rise of revolution. So in every sense, the title of the one act play "The Rising of the Moon" is very much apt.


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