Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Evaluate the Political importance of the play The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory. / Justify the play The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory as a political play.

                      Answer: The play The Rising of the Moon was written during that time when Ireland was under the bondage of British empire. At the time Irish people were divided into two groups-- one group was with British to obtain their own sake and they thought that they were happy and contended under the rule of British and they thought that they did did not have any need of nation's independence and the other group was very keen to obtain freedom. They could not endure the torture, hatred of British. They loved their nation so much that they feared their culture, identity might lose. This group of people were called revolutionaries. So in Ireland there existed a conflict between Irish people.

                      Under that circumstances playwright Lady Gregory realised the necessity of people's awaking in Irish movement. In order to to implant that revolutionary awaking among the Irish people who were not stimulated and active in the freedom movement, Gregory wrote this one act play. Also Gregory wanted to bring those people in the stream of revolution who thought they did not have any need of freedom because British government kept them happy. Through this play, Gregory had desired to convey her message that every Irishman should raise his or her voice against the tyrant British government.

                      She also thought that this revolutionary vision of the political independence couldn't be achieved if there was no national unity, broader Irish unity. So Gregory, in this play, had presented a Rebel who fled away from jail and trying to lead the freedom movement risking his own life against the British government. She presented the Rebel as a brave patriot who had firm resolution to carry the freedom movement. This character conveyed the message to every Irishman that defeating the fear, giving up life's luxury everyone should come ahead and join this movement. In this play another character a Sergeant who had been also patriot in his early life, now had accepted the slavery of British for his own sake and family. But later we see that that Sergeant became not only an another man and a patriot getting inspiration from the Rebel but also helped the rebel to flee away. The playwright thought that this incident would surely encourage those Irish slaves of British to come out of the indifference and British slavery and would raise their voice to free their nation from British empire. Thus Lady Gregory had been emphasizing on the unity of Irish people throughout the play. So considering the circumstances of Ireland, this play is a perfect example of political play.