Tuesday, November 26, 2019

How did the Headman behave with Amal?

In the play the post office by R. N. Tagore, Headman is a character full of self-pride. He always makes others frightened. Everyone likes to be out of his sight. He also is very bad to a child like Amal. He underestimates Amal as Amal is waiting for the King's letter. Headman mocks Amal saying that king will surely send letter to Amal as Amall is very closer to the King. The imaginary words about the King from little child's mouth make the Headman very angry. He says to himself that Amal's uncle Madhav may have gone too far and so he always deals in King and rich people. He thinks that Madhav has got the audacity very much. The Headman wants to give a hard lesson to both Amal and Madhab. He at last threatens to complaint to the king so that the the letter from king arrives indeed. 

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