Friday, January 17, 2020


1. Who is the poet of the poem Brotherhood? Answer:  Octavio Paz is the poet of the poem Brotherhood. 

2. To whom has the poet dedicated this poem? 
Answer:  The poet dedicated this poem to Claudius Ptolemy, an astronomer and mathematician of 1st century. 

3. What kind of poem is it? 
Answer:  It is philosophic as well as a symbolic poem. 

4. When was this poem  published and where? 
Answer:  This poem was published in 1987 in “Octavio Paz: Collected Poems”. 

5. What is the real name of this poem? 
Answer:  The real name of this poem is Harmandad. 

6. In which language was it actually written? 
Answer:  This poem was written in Mexican language. 

7. Who translated this poem into English? 
Answer:  Elliot Weinberger translated this poem into English. 

8. What does the word ‘night’ refer? 
Answer:   The word ‘night’ refers to the life after death. In another sense, it may mean the vast universe. 

9. “I too am written”—Who is ‘I’ here? 
Answer:  Here ‘I’ refers to the poet Octavio Paz himself. 

10.“Someone spells me out”—Who is ‘someone’?  Whom does he spell out and when?
Answer:  Here ‘someone’ refers to the reader of poet’s poetries. The reader spells out the poet when he reads poet’s poetries.

11. What do the stars write? 
Answer:   The stars write the secret origin of the universe and man’s position in this universe. 

12. What is poet’s reaction when he realizes that his life is very short? 
Answer:  When the poet realizes that his life is very short, he does not give up hope. 

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