Monday, January 20, 2020

How does the poet describe the summer season. / Role of Grasshopper in summer.

Birds in summer

1. How does the poet describe the summer season. 

Answer: In order to establish the fact that the earth has eternal music in it, the poet has described two seasons of nature—summer in octave and winter in sestet. (In summer, different types of birds fill the atmosphere with their chirping sounds. But they soon become fatigued with intolerable heat of sunlight and take shelter in the cool shade of trees and lapse into silence. Then the grasshopper, another musician of summer comes out to keep the song of earth alive and carries its song from hedge to hedge about the new-mown meadow. The scorching sunlight does not disturb its delights. But once it also gets tired out of fun and takes rest to revitalize its energy.) 


2. Describe the  role of Grasshopper in summer. 

Answer: Romantic poet Keats believes that earth has a ever-flowing song that will not perish from the earth. It started when the lives took birth on earth and will remain till the doom’s day. + (bracket portion of answer stated above). + Thus it makes the earth melodious and keeps the music of earth alive.

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