Saturday, January 18, 2020

“The poetry of earth is never dead”/ “The poetry of earth is ceasing never”—Explain / (Substance) . Bring out the significance of the title of the poem "The Poetry of Earth".

ANSWER:   Keats is the most perfect among the romantic poets. He is the seeker after beauty of nature. To him, nature has its own music besides its beauty. And that music will stop never. It will go on till the doom’s day. Once (the birds sing in the summer’s day. When they are faint with hot sunlight, they stop singing and take shelter in the shade of trees. Then the grasshopper takes the birds’ role and begins to chirp from hedge to hedge with delights. And when it gets tired out of fun and takes rest at ease beneath some pleasant weed, the cricket carries on the music of earth. It breaks the silence of winter evening created by the frost and to a half-sleeping man there is no pause between the song of grasshopper and cricket.) Through all these, the poet means to say that the music of earth is continuous and it will never perish from the world. 


QUESTION-2: Bring out the significance of the title of the poem "The Poetry of Earth".

ANSWER:  The title of Keats’ poem The Poetry of Earth directly reflects its main theme. Here the word ‘poetry’ signifies ‘song’ or ‘music’. The poet wants to establish a fact that the music of nature or earth will never end. It will be alive through the presence of various natural musicians i.e. birds, insects etc forever. For instance + ADD THE BRACKET PORTION OF THE ABOVE STATED ANSWER. Thus the poet has been able to show the continuity of earth’s music. So the title is very much apt.


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