Saturday, August 15, 2020


1. Who is the writer of the poem The Sick Rose? 
Answer:  William Blake is the writer of this poem.

2. From where has this poem been taken? 
Answer:  From his poem collection Songs of Experience (1794).

3. What type of poem is it? 
Answer:  It is a symbolic poem.

4. Who is the speaker here? 
Answer:  The poet himself is the speaker here.

5. Who addresses here and whom? 
Answer:  The poet addresses a rose which is sick.

6. How has the poet presented the rose? 
Answer:  The poet has presented the rose as sick.

7. How has the poet presented the worm? 
Answer:  The poet has presented the worm as invisible.

8. Whom has the worm taken as his bed? 
Answer:  The worm has taken a rose as his bed.

9. What destroys the life of the rose and how?
Answer:  A worm destroys the life of the rose secretly.

10. What type of love of the worm is revealed here? 
Answer:  Here worm’s dark, secret love is revealed.

11. When does the worm enter the rose? 
Answer:  In a stormy night the worm enters the rose.

12. When can the worm fly? 
Answer:  The worm can fly in night, even in extreme storm.

13. What does the rose signify?
Answer:  The rose signifies the beauty, purity, innocence and good.

14. What does the worm signify? 
Answer:  The worm signifies the evil, corruption of our society.

15. How many quatrains are there in this poem? 
Answer:  There are two quatrains in this poem.

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