Saturday, October 10, 2020

Paragraph on Water Crisis in India.


Water Crisis in India

At present, Water crisis has been considered as a global issue. Our country is also facing the same problem. We require plenty of water every day, especially for drinking, cooking. But supply of underground water and surface water are getting inadequate. This problem has so reasons. Among them few are due to natural and few are due to human’s evil action. Since very past, we have been using underground water and gradually its level is getting low. Due to population explosion, we are clearing away forests and as a result of it, the rain is not occurring adequately as it should happen. Besides, we misuse and waste water very much. Now the situation has been very much deplorable in many parts of India. The ground is getting dried. Crop production is getting hampered. The price of drinking water is getting high and high. The economy of farming area has nearly collapsed. If we want to make our sweet world fit for living for our future generation, we should begin to save water and stop wasting water from today and also the government should be more and more careful about it.

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