Saturday, October 10, 2020

Write a letter to the Editor about bad effect of Felling of trees

The Editor,
The Telegraph,


I shall be highly obliged if you kindly allow me a little space in the columns of your highly esteemed daily so that I may ventilate my opinion to draw the attention of the due authority about the bad effects of excessive felling of trees.

Felling of trees is a massive problem of today’s world. Trees are very much important for the humanity as they take a great role to maintain ecological balance and make our world fit for us to live. But discarding its benefits, we are cutting down trees. As a result, it is causing global warming and green house gasses are increasing. We are facing different kind of chronicle diseases. Besides, felling of trees also hampers the regular cycle of climate. Day by day, total situation is becoming threatening to us to live on our sweet world. 

I, in view of all these, think that the due authority should take necessary steps and the government should introduce strict laws as early as possible to stop the felling of tree, otherwise our sweet world will very soon become inappropriate for our future generation to live on it. 

Thanking you,

Dated Nadia,
28th of June,2013 
Yours faithfully,
Prasenjit Mondal

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