Friday, October 29, 2021

What are the main features of effective writing?

There are so many types of effective writing in literature or other fields and each of them has different purpose, style, demand. But writings belong to any type have some common features that help writing to enrich. These are following:

👉 Focus on needs of readers: A good writing should have a focus or goal on the basis of needs of its readers. If the writer fails to understand it, the writing may be spoilt. What the reader needs at certain time and circumstance, the writer must focus on it while writing a writing maintaining the proper tone.

👉 Defined purpose and point: An effective writing should have a defined purpose and point, otherwise the whole matter will lose its credibility.

👉 Relevant and readable content: The writing must have a content relevant to situation, time and needs of the readers and must be readable for the readers.

👉 Use of appropriate grammar and language: The words must be used appropriately, and the sentences should be concise, emphatic, and grammatically correct. Besides the language of the writing should be appealing to readers of all class and quality.

👉 Organization of content: The content of the writing must be arranged and well-organized in sentences, sentences in paragraphs and paragraphs in proper sequence which will show a constancy of purpose forming a well-effective beginning, middle, and end.

👉 Mechanism of writing: The writing must have clearness of handwriting, use of proper punctuation, errorless spelling and adequate credibility.

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