Saturday, March 12, 2022

"Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man."-- Explain.

This sentence is from Bacon's essay 'Of Studies'. Here Bacon states laconically the advantages derived from different types of intellectual activities. Reading makes a full man, i.e., it fills a man with all sorts of knowledge and information. It develops his mental power and helps him realize his full potentialities. The mental development then helps him to converse with others. Conference or discussion enables one to give a quick reply. He can deftly deal with any question posed by any person on different subjects. He has ready answers for all sorts of questions. He becomes an expert in debate and discussion. He becomes a ready man, he does not fumble for words. But of all the different types of intellectual activities, writing is the most important, for to write something one has to express one's ideas precisely and logically. Accurate and clear thinking is the hallmark of a good writer. As Descartes, the French philosopher, has said, what can be clearly conceived can be clearly expressed. Clear thinking expresses or manifests itself in clear expression. Clear and precise writing makes a man 'exact'. In our life many problems crop up and disputes develop because of lack of clearness, precision and accuracy in language. Nations have even gone to war because of vagueness and ambiguity in treaties, contracts and agreements. As a practical man Bacon was fully conscious of the need of being exact in writing. His statement is based on his knowledge of the affair of business and politics. Only exact men are capable of guiding the affairs of the state.

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