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MCQ of the story Selvi by R. K. Narayan. LCC 1

1. ‘Selvi’ by R. K. Narayan is a—

a) Novel

b) Short Story

c) Autobiography

d) Biography

2. Selvi was by profession a— 

a) Singer

b) Dancer

c) Write

d) Photographer

3. The name of Selvi’s husband was—

a) Varma 

b) Mohan

c) Tito

d) R. K. Narayan

4. “Selvi, hurry up. You want to miss the train”—Here the speaker is—

a) Writer 

b) Speaker

c) Mohan

d) Selvi’s mother.

5. Public viewed Selvi as—

a) goddess Saraswati

b) goddess Laxmi

c) earthly being

d) none of the above

6. The complexion of Selvi was—

a) Fair

b) Dark

c) Extremely fair

d) In border line

7. Mohan was a follower of – 

a) Lenin  

b) Gandhiji

c) Netaji

d) Neheru

8. Who supplied cosmetics for Selvi—

a) Fan from Bombay

b) Fan from Kolkata

c) Fan from Malgudi

d) Fan from Singapore

9. The admires of Selvi gathered at—

a) Boardless

b) Taj Hotel

c) Lawley Terrace

d) None of the above.

10. Who was the owner of Boardless—

a) Varma 

b) Mohan

c) Selvi

d) R. K. Narayan

11. Varma’s lifelong wish was to—

a) Get favour of Laxmi

b) To meet Selvi and offer her sweets

c) To get more wealthy

d) To meet Mohan.

12. Whenever Varma carried gifts for Selvi, he was turned back by—

a) Selvi 

b) Selvi’s Secretary

c) Mohan’s Manager

d) Mohan

13. Selvi was fated to spend her life—

a) Happily with Mohan 

b) Happily with her mother

c) In solitary confinement in her room.

d) None of the above.

14. Selvi was allowed to talk to others –

a) in presence of her mother 

b) in presence of her husband Mohan

c) in presence of her secretary

d) in presence of her manager

15. Visitors came to Selvi’s house in—

a) morning 

b) noon

c) afternoon

d) all day long

16. Visitors came to Selvi’s house to— 

a) get darshan from her 

b) meet Mohan

c) dine with her family

d) teach her singing.

17. Mohan was married to Selvi for —

a) over one decade 

b) over two decades

c) over three decades

d) only 5 years

18. Mohan’s house was built —

a) In Mughal days 

b) After independence 

c) In East India company days

d) After his marriage.

19. The house was built by—

a) Mohan

b) Selvi

c) Varma

d) Sir Frederick Lawley

20. How many servants were there to clean the house?—

a) 30  

b) 40

c) 50

d) 35

21. The name of the house was—

a) Mohan Villa 

b) Lawley Terrace

c) Malgudi Villa

d) Mempi Terrace 

22. The house was situated—

a) in town square 

b) on road to Mempi Hills

c) by river Sarayu

d) in Vinayak Mudali Street

23. Total number of rooms in the house was—

a) 4

b) 5

c) 6

d) 3

24. Sir Frederick planted a special tree at the house gate. It was brought from- 

a) France 

b) Italy

c) Dooars

d) England

25. None agreed to buy or rent the Lawley Terrace because—

a) It was expensive 

b) It was very small

c) It was government property

d) Sir Frederick’s spirit was said to hover about house.

26. The house was abandoned since—

a) 1958 

b) 1948

c) 1947

d) 1950

27. In spite of weird tales about ghost, Mohan agreed to buy house because—

a) Being a follower of Gandhiji, he was sure to drive away the British ghost.

b) He did not believe in ghost

c) He like to meet ghost

d) None of above.

28. Mohan got money to buy the house –

a) from selling his photo studio 

b) for lending Selvi’s voice to film-star.

c) From selling Selvi’s mother’s house

d) From his business

29. Later Mohan rejected all film offers for Selvi because—

a) He earned enough money

b) Selvi did not like that

c) Selvi’s voice was not good

d) To establish Selvi as a unique phenomenon.

30. Mohan told the show-organizers to leave proposal to—

a) Mohan 

b) Selvi

c) Driver

d) Mohan’s Secretary

31. Mohan told the show-organizers to remind him about show in—

a) October 1981 

b) October 1982

c) October 1983

d) October 1980

32. Mohan rejected several show offers because—

a) He earned enough money

b) Selvi did not like that

c) Selvi’s voice was not good

d) To preserve rarity value of Selvi.

33. Mohan received the fee –

a) Completely in advance

b) Nothing in advance

c) Half in advance in cash without receipt

d) Half in advance in cheque without receipt

34. Mohan did not receive any fee for show from organizer—

a) whose organization carried well-known names

b) whose organization ran charity

c) whose organization linked with government

d) none of above

35. Mohan was a financial expert because—

a) He knew to store money

b) He knew to conjure up money

c) He knew to avoid income tax

d) Both c & d

36. Mohan attended –

a) Selected parties

b) Every parties

c) Parties where he got money

d) Parties where he got good foods

37. Tito was—

a) Russian Leader

b) Yugoslavian  President.

c) Famous violin player

d) Film-star

38. Bulganin was—

a) Russian Leader.

b) Yugoslavian  President

c) Famous violin player

d) Film-star

39. Yehudi Menuhin was—

a) Russian Leader

b) Yugoslavian  President

c) Famous violin player.

d) Film-star

40. Selvi’s mother lived in—

a) Road to Mempi Hills

b) Vinayak Mudali Street

c) Bombay

d) English

41. Selvi learnt music from—

a) Her mother

b) Herself

c) Mohan

d) Her Teacher

42. The house of mother was—

a) Very big

b) Very small

c) Small with concrete shed

d) Very small with tiles in shed.

43. Selvi had—

a) Only one brother

b) Only one sister

c) One brother and one sister

d) No siblings

44. Mohan’s earlier business was—

a) He had photo studio

b) He was a painter

c) He had grocery shop

d) He was a singer

45. Mohan’s photo studio was located—

a) Near school

b) On market Road

c) Vinayak Mudali street

d) Near Selvi’s house

46. Selvi needed to be photographed because—

a) Her marriage was about to set

b) She wanted to frame it

c) She will send it to song director

d) For her school magazine as she came first in music competition.

47. Firstly Mohan visited Selvi’s house as –

a) A well-wisher of family

b) A servant

c) A photographer

d) The member of family

48. In Selvi’s house, when Selvi sang song for Mohan, Mohan would—

a) Smile

b) Cry

c) Be emotional

d) Leave chair and sit on floor.

49. Mohan would leave chair and sit on floor when Selvi sang song because—

a) To Mohan, in presence of such singer, it is natural

b) He disobeyed Selvi

c) Selvi occupied the chair.

d) None of above.

50. Mohan married Selvi in—

a) In 1950

b) In 1956

c) In 1960

d) No body knew the date

51. Seeing the new Lawley Terrace, Selvi’s Mother, brother, sister became—

a) Not too excited

b) Very happy

c) Very excited

d) Very sad.

52. Seeing the new Lawley Terrace, Selvi—

a) Showed no reaction.

b) became very happy

c) became very excited

d) became very sad.

53. First reaction of Selvi after seeing the house when asked was—

a) Not too good

b) Not too impressive

c) It looks big

d) Remain mum

54. The furniture Mohan got with the house was—

a) Gigantic settees

b) Beds

c) Chairs

d) Nothing

55. Mohan got gigantic settees with the house because—

a) They were useless

b) They were too heavy to move

c) They were gifted by owner

d) None of above

56. In every situation, Selvi looked—

a) Unhappy

b) Happy

c) Indifferent and contented

d) Demanding

57. “Pack and get ready”—The speaker was—

a) Mohan

b) Gaffur

c) Selvi

d) Varma

58. Before going to concert, Selvi always asked—

a) About fee

b) About location

c) About song

d) Nothing

59. Selvi was—

a) Undemanding

b) Unenquiring

c) Uncomplaining

d) Above all

60. When Selvi came on stage to sing, audience became—

a) Thrilled.

b) Happy

c) Sleepy

d) None of above

61. When Selvi appeared on stage to sing, she got—

a) Thundering ovation

b) Just clapping

c) She was honoured with flower

d) No respect 

62. Everyman, from high profile to down to earth, loved Selvi’s song because—

a) Her song was loud

b) Her song was clear

c) Her song was musical

d) Her song possessed a versatility.

63. During concert, Mohan occupied—

a) Middle row middle seat

b) First row middle seat

c) Seat on stage

d) Any seat

64. During concert, mohan’s mind was busy in—

a) Listening Selvi’s song

b) Looking at Selvi

c) Calculating money

d) Nothing

65. During concert, mohan’s eyes were busy in—

a) Looking for smuggled tape-recorder

b) Looking VIPs’ reactions

c) Looking at Selvi

d) Both a & b

66. During concert, Mohan did not allow—

a) Reporters

b) Critics

c) Tape-recorders

d) Large audience

67. Mohan suggested Selvi to start the concert with the song of—

a) Kalyani Varman.

b) Thyagaraja

c) Pallavi

d) Todi

68. Mohan did not suggest Selvi to sing the song of—

a) Kalyani Varman.

b) Thyagaraja

c) Pallavi.

d) Todi

69. According to Mohan, the length of concert would be—

a) 3 hours

b) 4 hours

c) 2 hours

d) 3.5 hours

70. Everyone wanted Mohan’s favour  and goodwill to get—

a) Selvi’s proximity 

b) Money

c) Launch

d) None of above

71. When any distinguished visitor came home, Selvi appeared after—

a) 15 minutes

b) 10 minutes

c) 20 minutes 

d) 5 minutes

72. When guests came, they mentioned—

a) Selvi’s beauty

b) Selvi’s house

c) Selvi’s mother

d) Selvi’s last concert

73. What made Mohan gratified?—

a) When Selvi delivered his tutored lines, gestures, and expressions.

b) When he earned money

c) When he rebuked Selvi

d) None of above

74. What did Mohan do to get Selvi out of contamination of Vinayak Mudali street?

a) He began to isolate Selvi from her family

b) He confined her into a room

c) He sent Selvi to his relative’s house

d) He engaged her in music

75. Selvi went through her career like—

a) A singer

b) A boss

c) An automaton

d) A dance.

76. When Selvi got the news of her mother’s death, she was in—

a) Bombay

b) America

c) Malgudi

d) Calcutta

77. When Selvi got the news of her mother’s death, she –

a) Refused to come out of her room wanted all concerts cancelled.

b) Went to mother’s house

c) Became happy

d) Did not weep

78. Generally, Selvi replied in—

a) Loud voice

b) Monosyllabic comment

c) Talkative manner

d) Own will.

79. Selvi made Mohan returned to Terrace saying that—

a) She would return alone

b) She would return after 7 days

c) She would not return anymore

d) She would go to her brother’s house

80. Who helped in Selvi’s mother’s funeral?

a) Neighbour

b) Brother

c) Sister

d) Mohan

81. Mohan did not get Selvi alone in her mother’s house because—

a) The house was very big

b) There was a huge gathering and there was only one room

c) Selvi divorced him

d) Selvi was busy in cooking.

82. What did Mohan intend if he failed to cajole Selvi?

a) He wanted to divorce her

b) He wanted to force her

c) He wanted to make her arrested

d) He wanted to wring her neck.

83. Which time did Mohan select to meet her wife alone?

a) Morning

b) Noon

c) Evening

d) Eleven o’clock at night

84. At eleven o’clock at night, Selvi welcomed Mohan –

a) Happily

b) Earnestly

c) Without any interest

d) Did not welcome him

85. “Ungrateful wretch”—Who is the speaker?

a) Mohan

b) Selvi

c) Narrator

d) Mother.


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