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MCQ of the poem The Orphan Girl by Henry Louis Vivian Derozio. LCC 1


1. The write of the poem The Orphan Girl is—

a) R. N. Tagore

b) Derozio

c) Jayanta Mahapatra

d) Sarojini Naidu

2. The main character of this poem is—

a) An orphan girl

b) Girl’s father

c) Girl’s mother

d) The narrator

3. The colour of the girl’s hair was—

a) Brown

b) Golden

c) White

d) Black

4. The hair of the girl is compared to—

a) Hair of goddess

b) Wings of raven

c) Wings of Dove

d) Waterfalls

5. Her cheek had the hue/ colour of—

a) Rose 

b) Lotus

c) Apple

d) Tulip

6. The girl’s voice is compared to—

a) Song of nightingale

b) Song of Cuckoo

c) Thunder

d) Night’s soft wind

7. The voice of the girl was—

a) Harsh

b) Soft

c) Loud

d) Not Pleasant

8. Her eyebrow was as fair as—

a) Moonbeam

b) Sunlight

c) Snow

d) Rain

9. The word ‘sire’ means—

a) Father

b) Mother

c) Brother

d) War

10. The Girl’s father was a—

a) Pilot

b) Businessman

c) Teacher

d) Soldier

11. Who is called brave in this poem—

a) Girl’s father

b) Mother

c) Girl’s friend

d) Brother

12. Father died in—

a) Hills

b) Battle field/ war

c) Sea

d) Fire

13. Father joined the war—

a) At the wake/ beginning of war

b) Middle of war

c) End of the war

d) Did not join the war

14. The father got in the battle field—

a) Battle shock

b) Shout

c) Scar

d) Above all.

15. The grave that father gained was—

a) Glorious

b) Cowardice

c) Happy

d) Shameful

16. The prize/ guerdon of the brave soldier is—

a) Money

b) Medal

c) Grave

d) Nothing

17. The word ‘guerdon’ means—

a) Weapon

b) Prize

c) Peace

d) Shelter

18. Her widow mother sunk beneath—

a) Soul’s distress.

b) Daughter’s demise

c) War

d) Family problem

19. The girl’s mother could not endure the role of—

a) Wife

b) Mother

c) Widow

d) Sister

20. The girl lost her—

a) Father

b) Mother

c) Friend

d) Both mother & father

21. Mother died-

a) In battlefield

b) In old age

c) From sorrow of husband’s death

d) Did not die

22. The orphan girl had—

a) Relatives

b) Friends

c) Lover

d) None.

23. To the girl, the earth seemed—

a) Cold, bleak

b) Joyous

c) Indifferent

d) Hot

24. The word ‘bleak’ means—

a) Happy

b) Sad

c) Energetic

d) Cold

25. The life of the girl was like—

a) Easy

b) Fantasy

c) Full of fun

d) Dreary desert

26. The word ‘dreary’ means—

a) Joyful

b) Sad

c) Playful

d) Easy 

27. If she strays from virtue’s way, the world/ society will-

a) Love her

b) Scorn her

c) Beat her

d) Kill her

28. The girl had –

a) Shame

b) No shame

c) No sense

d) No self-respect

29. The shame of girl will –

a) Make her happy

b) Make her unhappy

c) Kill her

d) Wring her breast/ heart.

30. The blood from girl’s bosom will blow—

a) Slowly

b) Unbound

c) Little

d) None of above

31. The girl’s tear was—

a) Bright

b) Dark

c) Pale

d) Colourful

32. The word ‘erring’ means—

a) Stray.

b) Right

c) Dark

d) Sad

33. The girl was as if fated to –

a) Suffer much woe.

b) Suffer physical pain

c) Enjoy happiness

d) Enjoy life.

34. The name will be blest and in honour who will—

a) Give the girl money

b) Give the girl food

c) Revenge her father’s death

d) Give shelter the girl from her sorrow and shame.

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