Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Give the substance of the poem Upon Westminster Bridge. OR, Give a description of London city described in the poem "Upon Westminster Bridge". OR, “A sight so touching in its majesty”—Describe the sight.

While crossing the Westminster Bridge, the poet William Wordsworth, lover of nature and solitude, is very much impressed by the purity and calmness of the nature in the early morning. He declares that the scene of London is the most beautiful scene he has ever seen. He thinks that as if the city is wearing the morning’s beauty—“This City now doth like a garment wear”. The full city is stepped in morning’s soft light. There is neither any fog in the atmosphere nor any vehicle on the road. Ships temples, domes, theaters, towers all are in quietness and “open unto the fields and to the sky”. The valley, rock, hill all are glittering in the soft light. But now those are not as beautiful as London’s morning’s beauty. The river Themes flows slowly “at his own sweet will”. The poet portraits the London city so magnificently as if it is blissfully sleeping before another busy day.