Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Discuss the significance of the title of the poem Upon Westminster Bridge.

The poet William Wordsworth observes the early morning scene of London from the Westminster Bridge. At that time the morning’s soft light fills the atmosphere. The poet declares that he has found the most beautiful scene. The city seems to wear morning's beauty. Ships, temples, domes, theatres, towers all are in quietness and “open unto the fields and to the sky”. There is no fog to obscure the view. The speaker compares the sunlight on the buildings to the light that shines on the countryside. And now he feels more peace in the bustling city than in the countryside. The River Thames moves slowly with soft murmur beneath him. In a burst of emotion, he pictures the city as blissfully asleep before another busy day. Poet thinks that, he might have not observed that incomparable beauty of nature if he does not observe the scene from the Westminster Bridge. So, the bridge enables the poet to produce such a fine poetry. So the title of this poem is very much appropriate.