Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Westminster Bridge

1. What is sonnet? What is personification?
The term sonnet has come from the Italian word ‘sonetto’, which means "little song". Sonnet is a type of poem that basically contains fourteen lines and follows a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure.
Personification is a figure of speech in which an inanimate object or abstraction is given human qualities or abilities. 

2. Who wrote this poem and when? 
William Wordsworth wrote this poet in 31 July, 1802.

2. Where was this poem published and when? 
⇰ This poem was published in “Poems in two Volumes” in 1807.

3. What kind of poem is it?
⇰ It is a sonnet.
4. From where did the poet observe the scene? 
⇰ From the Westminster Bridge.

5. Which river is mentioned here? 
Themes River.

6. What was the time? 
⇰ The time was early morning.

7. With whom did the poet cross the bridge? 
⇰ With his sister Dorothy.

8. Which scene is referred to here? 
⇰ The early morning scene of London is referred to here.

9. Where was the poet going? 
⇰ The port of Dover

10. What does the phrase ‘mighty heart’ refer? 
⇰ The phrase ‘mighty heart’ refers to the city of London.

11. Who glides at his own will? 
⇰ River Themes.

12. How is the river described here? 
⇰ The River Themes is flowing slowly at his own will.
 13. How was the air of London at that time? 
⇰ The air was smokeless and clear.
14. Which objects could the poet see from the bridge? 
⇰ Ships, domes, temples, theaters, towers.

15. How was the beauty of the morning? 
⇰ Silent and bare.

16. How do the houses seem? 
⇰ The houses seem asleep.

17. Why was the air smokeless? 
⇰ Because the morning was very early.

18. Who would be dull here? 
⇰ The man who would pass by without enjoying the beauty of nature, would be dull.

19. Who is Wearing morning’s beauty? 
⇰ The London city.


  1. When does the poet had a chance to observe the city London

  2. The poet observes the London City at the early morning

  3. Why does the poet addressed god?

    1. Because the very house seems asleep

  4. Why does the poet parsonify the city of london

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