Wednesday, September 26, 2018



1. Upon Westminster Bridge is a—a) elegy, b) sonnet, c) lyric d) ballad ⇰b

2. This poem is written by—a) Keats b) Wordsworth d) Shelley c) Coleridge. ⇰b

3. The city is wearing garment of—a) fog, b) smoke c) beauty, d) rain ⇰c

4. The city looks—a) dark, b) ugly c) very beautiful d) normal ⇰ c

5. The ‘mighty heart’ refers to—a) sun b) river c) hills d) London. ⇰ d

6. The poet was (in) a —a) couch, b)car ,c) palanquin d) walking. ⇰a

7. The beauty of the morning was—a)loud and polluted, b) silent or bare c)loud and bare d)silent and bare. ⇰d

8. The time described here was—a) late morning b) afternoon c) evening d) early morning ⇰ d

9. The poet observes the scene from—a) forest b) hills c) road d) Westminster Bridge. ⇰d

10. Poet crossed the bridge with—a) his friends b) wife c) sister Dorothy d) Coleridge ⇰c

11. The poem describes the city of—a) Kolkata, b) London c)Paris d)New York ⇰b

12. A man who does not enjoy that beauty is a—a)clever b) dull c)busy d) blind ⇰b

13. The nature was filled with—a) fog b) smoke c) light d) darkness ⇰c

14. Here domes refers to the domes of—a)St. Paul’s Cathedral b)house c) factory d)church ⇰a

15. Here towers refer to the—a)mobile tower b) Tower of London c) CN tower d) Eiffel tower ⇰b

16. Ships, buildings etc are open to the—a)sky b)fields c)sea d)sky and fields ⇰d

17. The poet addressed the God in—a) fear b) joy c)gratitude d) excitement ⇰c

18. Themes is flowing—a)violently b) violently at his own will c) smoothly d)leapingly ⇰c

19. The sun steeped the—a) river b) Bridge c) ships d) valley, rocks and hills ⇰d

20. Earth has nothing to show more fair than—a) bridge b)River c)London d) hills ⇰c

21. This poem is a—a) Shakespearean sonnet, b) common sonnet c) Petrarchan sonnet d) irregular sonnet ⇰c


22. Steep—a) Flow b)bathe/flooded/submerge c)blown away d) light ⇰b

23. Splendour—a) light b)excellent c)beauty d) sight ⇰a

24. Glideth— a) Flow b)bathe/flooded c)blown away d) light ⇰ a

25. Garment—a) valley b) light c)clothe d)wear ⇰c

26. Dull—a) great b)senseless c)large d) clever ⇰b

27. Glittering—a)darkness b)fading c)shining/sparkling d)cover ⇰c

28. Mighty—a) very large b)small c)God d) shiny ⇰a

29. Pass by—a)touch b) observe c) get d) ignore ⇰d

30. Majesty—a)mighty b)shiny c)grandeur d) objects ⇰c

31. Bare—a)open b)covered c)nature d)large ⇰a

32. Sweet—a)tasty b)bound c)boundless d)will ⇰ c

33. Earth—a) dull b)field c)world d)nature ⇰c


34. Fair—a)ugly b)nice c)funny d)small ⇰a

35. Bare— a)open b)covered c)nature d)large ⇰b

36. Bright—a)darkness b)clear c)glittering d)light ⇰a

37. Deep—a)shallow b) above c)great d)calm ⇰a

38. Silent—a)bare b)loud c)solitary d) calm ⇰ b

39. Calm—a) pleasure b) big c) noisy d)silent ⇰ c


40. Earth has not anything to _______more fair. (a. get b. show c. give d. mean ) ⇰b

41. Dull would he be of_______ who could pass by (a. mind b. nature c. birth d. soul ) ⇰d

42. ______ would he be of soul who could pass by (a. clever b. blind c. dull d. cool) ⇰c

43. A sight so touching in its ______ (a. beauty, b. majesty c. sight d. glory ) ⇰b

44. The beauty of the_________; silent, bare (a. evening b. morning c. night d. afternoon) ⇰b

45. In his first ________, valley, rock, or hill; (a. light, b. vision c. splendour d. sight ) ⇰c

46. Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so ________!(a. little, b. huge, c. deep d. lonely ) ⇰c

47. And all that mighty heart is _______ still! (a. lying b. going c. beating d. glittering) ⇰a



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