Sunday, January 12, 2020


1. From where has this text been taken?

· This text has been taken from Vision and Creation by Nandalal Bose

2. What is the root of art education?
· Observation of nature is the root of art education.

3. What are the other forms of expression except language?
· Music, art, dance are the other forms of expression except language.

4. What are two kinds of art?

· Two kinds of art are fine art and functional art.

5. How does the fine art function?
· Fine art liberates our minds from the bounds of sorrows, conflicts of our daily life into the world of aesthetic delight.

6. How does functional art help us?

· Functional art helps us by providing our livelihood.

7. Name two traditional dresses of Bengali.
· Dhoti and sari are two traditional dresses of Bengali.

8. What does language provide us?

· Language provides us inner delight and knowledge.

9. What is the purpose of education?
· The purpose of education is total development.

10. What can we acquire through language?
· Through language we can acquire knowledge of literature, science and philosophy.

11. What does the author say about a poor Santhal?

· The author says that a poor Santhal has the sense of beauty and he knows how to keep house clean and in order to.

12. How does an educated college boy keep his room?

· An educated college boy keeps everything in a disorder mess in his room.

13. What hampers the economic growth of our country?

· We always exclude art from the sphere of our needs and it hampers the economic growth of our country.

14. Why are seasonal festivals important for the art-students?

· Seasonal festivals are important for the art-students as they will increase their aesthetic sensibilities.

15. What kinds of book are needed for art education?
· Readable books on art with good reproductions and historical texts, mainly written by well-qualified people, are needed for art education.

16. How many remedies did the author suggest for the development of art education?

· For the development of art education, the author suggested seven ways of remedy.

17. How do general people treat with art?

· General people treat with art in such a way as if it is the exclusive preserve of a few professionals and general people have nothing to do it.

18. Who are mainly responsible for the bad condition of art?
· Educated people are mainly responsible for the bad condition of art. 

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