Sunday, January 12, 2020

How does rich hostel boy keep his room? How does a poor Santhal boy keep his house?

Nandalal Bose

Writer Nandalal Bose has presented a rich boy who lives in a hostel or in a palatial room. He keeps his clothes, things in disorganised mess. It is seen that in his hostel room, shirts are hanging from photo frames, tea cups and combs are littering on the study table and paper flowers are stuck into used cocoa tins. It mainly happens because he lacks the sense of beauty. 

On the other hand, sense of beauty is an essential part of life of that poor Santhal boy. And so, he regularly sweeps and mops his hut and stacks in order his earthen pot, tattered quilts and other things at their proper places. So it is clear that sense of art and beauty is very vital to him.

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