Sunday, January 12, 2020

What remedies does Nandalal Bose suggest to promote art education among the students?

Painting is being done

Ans: Nandalal Bose has suggested seven ways of remedy for the promotion of art education among the student. They are following: 

Firstly, good paintings, sculpture and their photographs should be displayed in the class-rooms, libraries, studies and living rooms of the students. 

Secondly, students should be supplied readable books with good reproductions and historical texts written by well-qualified people. 

Thirdly, to make the students introduced to selected items of art of the world, film shows should be held. 

Fourthly, museums, art galleries visiting for students should be arranged by institutions. 

Fifthly, seasonal festivals should be held to get students in contact with nature. 

Sixthly, nature has its different colours in different seasons. So students should be given scopes to enjoy nature's every beauty. 

Seventhly, in the institutions, once in a year, for the participation of the students with their art objects, an art-festival should be held. 

Only then art education can be promoted among the students.

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