Saturday, August 15, 2020


1. Which time does the word “daybreak” refer? 
Answer:  Daybreak means dawn. It is the time when daylight first appears in the morning.

2. When was this poem published and where?
Answer:  This poem was published in “Birds of Passage” in 1858.

3. From where does the wind come out and when? 
Answer:  The wind comes out of the sea at dawn.

4. Whom does the wind address first?
Answer:  The wind addresses the mists first.

5. Whom does the wind request to make passage?
Answer:  The wind requests the mists to make passage.

6. What does the wind request the mists? 
Answer:  The wind requests the mists to give him passage to blow.

7. Why does the wind want to blow?
Answer:  The wind wants to blow to give the news of morning’s arrival to every natural object. 

8. What does the phrase ‘leafy banners’ mean?
Answer:  The phrase ‘leafy banners’ means branches full of leaves.

9. What does the wind inform the mariners?
Answer:  The wind informs the mariners that the night is gone.

10. What does the wind tell the forest?
Answer:  The wind tells the forest to murmur and to unfold its leaves, branches.

11. Why does the wind touch the wood-bird’s wing?
Answer:  The wind touches the wood-bird’s wing to wake up to sing.

12. What does the word ‘clarion’ mean?
Answer:  The word ‘clarion’ means ‘loud and clear sound’.

13. What does the word ‘churchyard’ mean? 
Answer:  Churchyard is an enclosed area surrounding a church, especially used for burials. 

14. What does the word ‘whisper’ mean? 
Answer:  The word ‘whisper’ means ‘speak in low tune’.

15. What does the bell proclaim?
Answer:  The bell proclaims the hour i.e. morning time.

16. What is belfry tower?
Answer:  Belfry tower is the highest tower of any church where a bell is always hung.

17. Why does the wind leave a sigh in churchyard?
Answer:  After awaking all the natural objects in the morning, the wind sighs in the churchyard as there it fails to awake the sleeping men as they are lying dead.

18. What did wind whisper to fields of corn & why?
Answer:  Wind whisper to fields of corn to bow their heads to greet the coming morning as the light of the sun is the source of life to the plants of the fields. They are looked after and nourished by it. They should be grateful to the sun. So the wind tells them to bow down their heads and express their gratitude.