Monday, August 31, 2020

“And suddenly breaks out of my hide Into the smoky blaze of a sullen solitary pyre …………………Twisting uncertainly like light on the shifting sands”---- Explain.

Answer: At the break of dawn as the poet looks at the single funeral pyre burning on the Puri sea beach and a sudden thought occurs to him that of his mother’s last wish. The phrase “And suddenly breaks out from my hide” echoes the thought springing out; just as the poet sprung out from his mother’s womb (hide). His aged mother wished that she be cremated at this particular place as it is the gateway to Heaven or the ‘Swargadwara’. It comes across very strongly to the poet. Rites and rituals are mandatory. However, perhaps, performing one’s mother’s last wish is far more important than these obligatory dictates of religion and doctrines of custom. It ‘dawns’ on him all of a sudden. The symbol of Dawn is thus a type of realization.

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