Monday, August 31, 2020

Describe the religious condition of India as mentioned in the poet Dawn at Puri by Jayanta Mahapatra.

Once at dawn, the poet Jayanta Mahapatra visits the famous Puri sea beach. He hears the endless twittering of the crows that fills the lonely sea-beach. Suddenly he notices a human skull on the beach. This part of human body reminds the poet that while cremating human dead body, it is left unburnt by the funeral pyre. This skull is a symbol of poverty and pathetic economic condition of India. Also, it shows the spiritual handicap of so called Puri known for its spirituality. This skull also reveals the immortal truth of every human being as well as every natural object that everything is subjected to decay or death. How we know Puri as a religious place full of sacredness, calmness, purity and peace, that are literally truth; but like darkness beneath the lamp, Puri has become a skeleton without pulse of economic stability. Actually, the poet wants to present the hollowness of the Puri that is hidden under the cover of spirituality. Besides the presentation of suffering widows displays the real scene of religion.

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