Monday, August 31, 2020

Character of Amal.

= Character of Amal =

Answer: In the allegorical play The Post Office by R.N. Tagore, Amal is described as an orphan boy adopted by Madhab. That boy is suffering from a serious disease. The village doctor advises him not to go out in the sun and air as it may be harmful to him. So, he is kept confined in the room, but his imagination leads him to transcend the four walls of the room to the world of fiction. He always sits beside the window and converses with passer-by and longs to go with them to unfold the world. To Amal, world's everything has its special value and every human who may have not so much wealth, is important. The imagination of Amal describes the Dairy man's village and his profession so magnificently that it surprises the Dairyman. Being very little and getting assurance from Watchman, Amal becomes anxious to receive letter from the King. 

In act' II, Amal's physical condition becomes more deplorable. The Headman Mocks him giving him a blank letter. But ultimately the news from King Arrives and Royal physician comes to Amal, but Amal dies.

But the whole story has very deep inner meaning. Amal is an angelic being, highly creative through his imagination. Allegorically every soul seeks freedom. Here this freedom can be interpreted as the freedom of soul from human body into The Almighty. So, Amal is the soul longing for eternity.

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