Monday, August 31, 2020

"Tell him, Sudha has not forgotten him"—who said this and to whom? Explain the context.

Answer: This remark was made by Sudha, the daughter of a flower collector. Sudha said this for the people who were present in the room of Madhav at the very end of the play.

Sudha once came to Amal's house because she wanted to give him flowers. At the time according to Kings physician Amal had fallen asleep. This remark allegorically meant that Amal had fallen into internal sleep i.e. death. Then Sudha put her flower which brought, into Amal's hand and told the physician to tell Amal that she had not forgotten Amal. It might be interpreted in this way that 'Sudha' always remained with man before and after his death. To Amal Sudha signified the taste of freedom.

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