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Short questions on Nobel Lecture by Mother Teresa

Short Questions
Nobel Lecture
Mother Teresa

1.    In which year did Mother Teresa receive Nobel prize? 
Answer:  Mother Teresa received Nobel prize in 1979. 

2. Who was St. Francis of Assisi? 
Answer:  St. Francis of Assisi was a 13th century Italian Saint. 

3. How did Teresa want to start her Nobel speech? 
Answer:  Teresa wanted to start her Nobel speech with the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi. 

4. What is a Holy communion? 
Answer:  Holy communion is a Christian religious ritual that is observed to homage the last supper of Jesus Christ. 

5. Who was the son of God?Why did God send his son to the world? 
Answer:  Jesus Christ was the son of God. God sent his son to the world to spread love and peace among people. 

6. How was Jesus different from a common man
Answer:  In every aspect, Jesus was like a common man except sin. 

7. Who was the mother of Jesus Christ? 
Answer:  Virgin Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ. 

8. Who was the first messenger of peace? 
Answer:  John the Baptist was the first messenger of peace. 

9. Who was the Prince of peace? 
Answer:  Jesus Christ was the Prince of peace. 

10. Who was Elizabeth? 
Answer:  Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, the first messenger of peace. 

11. What happened when Mary reached Elizabeth's house? 
Answer:  When Mary reached Elizabeth's house, both the unborn child leapt in joy in the womb. 

12. Who are the four Gospels? 
Answer:  The four Gospels are Mathew, Luke, Mark, John. 

13. What does St. John say? 
Answer:  St. John says that if a man does not love his neighbour and that man also says that he loves God, he is a liar. 

14. How did Jesus Christ show his greater love for men? 
Answer:  To show his greater love for men, Jesus Christ sacrificed his life on the cross. 

15. Which opportunity did Mother Teresa never miss? 
Answer:  Mother Teresa never missed the opportunity to visit home where old parents are left by their children. 

16. Why did everyone in the home look towards the door? 
Answer:  Everyone in home was looking towards the door because they hoped that their son or daughter might come to visit them. 

17. What struck Mother Teresa most in the home? 
Answer:  In the home, Mother Teresa got shocked to see in spite of having everything of their necessity, all the old mothers and fathers were not smiling at all and all of them were looking towards the door. 

18. Why are the old parents hurt in the home? 
Answer:  Old parents are hurt in the home because they are forgotten and left by their own children. 

19. What surprised Teresa in the Western countries? 
Answer:  Mother Teresa was surprised to see in western countries that so many young boys and girls were getting drug addicted. 

20. Why were the young boys and girls getting drug addicted in West? 
Answer:  In the West, young boys and girls were getting drug addicted because they lack the love, care of their parents. 

21. What is the greatest destroyer of peace and why? 
Answer:  Abortion is the greatest destroyer of peace because it is a direct killing of a child by their parents. 

22. With which system did Teresa try to stop abortion? 
Answer:  Mother Teresa introduced adoption to stop abortion. 

23. Why did Teresa communicate with clinic, hospital, police station? 
Answer:  Teresa urged to the clinic, hospital, and police station to inform them the news of abortion so that they can take the child before abortion. 

24. Who are great people? 
Answer:  According to Teresa, poor people are great people. 

25. What is natural family planning? 
Answer:  Controlling the birth rate in a family with loving each other is called natural family planning. 

26. What was the result of natural family planning in Calcutta? 
Answer:  In Calcutta, in just six years, 61273 babies were not born. 

27. What happened when Teresa picked diseased woman from the street? 
Answer:  Once Teresa and her organization picked a dying woman from the street and she died with a smiling face.

28. What happened when Teresa picked a man from drain?Answer:  Once Teresa picked up a man from the drain. He was half-eaten with worms. Before dying he said blaming nobody that he was like an animal on the street and now he was dying like an angel.

29.  Where does love begin/ come from according to Teresa?
Answer: According to Teresa, Love begins at home and it also comes from home.

30. How is one’s love measured?
Answer:  How much love we put in the help to others is equal to love for God.

31. How did a four-year-old boy help Teresa?
Answer: Once during scarcity of sugar in Calcutta, a four-year-old boy did not take sugar for three days and he that sugar to Teresa for the children of poor family.

32. Who brought the boy to Teresa?
Answer:  His parents brought the boy to Teresa.

33. How did Teresa feeling after coming Oslo?
Answer: In Oslo, Teresa felt as if she was in Calcutta because she got a lot of love there.

34. Whom did Teresa help with rice?
Answer:  Teresa helped with rice a Hindu family having eight children who had not eaten for long.

35. What did the mother of Hindu family do after receiving the rice from Teresa?
Answer: After receiving the rice from Mother Teresa, the mother of hungry Hindu family divided that rice and shared them with another hungry Muslim family.

36. Why did Teresa not give them more rice?
Answer: Teresa did not give them more rice because she wanted them to enjoy the joy of sharing.

37. What is real sacrifice?
Answer: The sacrifice that hurts to sacrifice is real.

38. What would Teresa do with prize money?
Answer: Teresa would build a home for the homeless people with the Nobel Prize money.

39. How should we meet each other?
Answer: We should meet with each other with smile on our face.

40. Describe the paralyzed smoker?
Answer:Once Teresa mentions a paralyzed smoker. He has been on his back for twenty years. He can move only his right hand and smoking is his only companion.

41. How does the Paralyzed man help Teresa?
Answer:Once Teresa mentions a paralyzed smoker. He has been on his back for twenty years. He can move only his right hand and smoking is his only companion. He does not smoke for one week and saves 15 dollars that he sends to Teresa.

42. Who came from U.S to Teresa?
Answer:Fourteen professor of different universities from United States came to Teresa.

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