Saturday, August 29, 2020

Write a letter to the Editor of an English daily about the inconvenience caused by the hawkers on footpath.


The Editor,

The Telegraph,



    I shall be highly obliged if you kindly allow me a little space in the columns of your highly esteemed daily so that I may ventilate my opinion to draw the attention of the due authority about the inconvenience caused by the hawkers on the footpath. 

The problem of hawker is increasing day by day with the increasing of hawker’s number. The both sides of most of the roads are occupied by the hawkers where they have raised their stalls to sell different articles, commodities. Throughout the year this system is going on. It hampers the free movement of the pedestrians on the footpath. It forces the pedestrians to walk on the main road leaving the pavements. The result of it is either accident or traffic jam which hamper the normal life of busy people. Sometimes police take steps; but the old scene always comes back. 

I, in view of all these, think that the due authority should take necessary steps as early as possible to solve this problem, otherwise the public grievance may, at any time , lead to a dire consequence. 

Thanking you, 

Yours faithfully, 
Prasenjit Mondal 
Dated Nadia, 
The 28th june,2013