Thursday, October 8, 2020

Notice on Film Festival in your club

Write a notice as the co-secretary of your club informing the members of your club about the film-festival being organized by your club.

Notice No: 15
Date: 07/10/2020

All the members of our club are hereby notified that  like every year, also in this year our beloved Young Star Club is going to organize a Film-Festival. This festival will be held at our club auditorium hall from 10th November to 15th November. In this festival some selective films like Hemlock Society (Srijit Mukherjee ) , Autograph (Srijit Mukherjee), Royal Bengal Rohosyo ( Sandip Ray) etc are to be screened. Every day, two films will be screened. So, the members are requested to contact with club co-secretary to get more information. Besides a uniform subscription has been fixed on every club member. The members who are willing to  be volunteer are requested to meet club Secretary.

Co-operation from the all sides is desirable to make it a grand success.

your name
(club co-secretary)

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