Sunday, February 21, 2021

Write a report on seminar on ‘Save Water’ organised by your school


--by a staff reporter,

Santipur, Feb 21, 2021: Today’s world of 21st century is facing a terrible problem of scarcity of drinking water and its main reason is the lack of awareness of people. In order to rouse awareness among the students about this alarming problem, yesterday, Nrisinghapur High School of Santipur Block had organised a seminar on Save Water. In that seminar, famous environmentalist Mr. Ratan Dey was invited as the chief guest. The programme started at 11 am in the school seminar hall and Mr. Soumitra Vidyanta, H.M presided over the seminar. Students from all classes were present and many of them participated in the seminar. Chief guest as well as the teachers gave their valuable speech on the importance of saving water and why we should utilise water properly. They described water as precious one. They also gave importance in storing rain water. Also the students performed short play to show how water play an important role to all living beings and how lack of drinking water may affect our daily life. At last, the seminar ended with the oath taking ceremony and all swore not to waste water.