Wednesday, March 31, 2021




--by a staff reporter,

Kolkata, 31/03/2021: Water crisis is the most threatening issue of today’s world and our country is not free from it. Every year, thousands of people living in village or remote areas, die for the lack of drinking water. The problem becomes worst during summer. Men and women had to go miles to fetch the drinking water. In today’s India, it is beyond imagination that people have to die due to lack of safe drinking water. According to the stats, 40 % of our population will not get adequate drinking water by the year 2030. This is happening for many reasons. People do not use water as per their needs. They waste excessive water while bathing, washing clothes even while doing nothing. Besides, the water selling companies are fetching gallons and gallons of underground water illegally. As a result, the level of underground water is getting decreased. Thought India Government has taken so many initiatives to supply water through pipe-line to every household before 2024, it is not sure whether those initiatives will get implemented. Government should make the country men more aware of it and make them realize the importance of water. Besides all should be entertained to store rain water, recycle waste water and should be encouraged not to consume excessive water, only then we can left safe drinking water for our next generation.

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