Saturday, March 12, 2022

"Crafty, men contemn studies, simple men admire them and wise men use them."-- Explain.

This extract is from Bacon's essay 'Of Studies'. Here Bacon speaks of three types of attitudes toward studies by persons of different nature. Crafty men, says he, hate or disregard studies. By crafty men Bacon means those who have a good practical sense but have no real education. These men think that practical knowledge of arts and craft is more useful than book knowledge for attaining success in life. That is why they hold studies in contempt. There is another class of men called 'simple men' by Bacon, who admire studies, look with wonderment at educated men. They themselves are not very educated, so they are hardly in a position to judge the true worth of knowledge and learning. They are amazed at the knowledge of scholars and admire them from a distance. But there is another group, called by Bacon wise men, who make proper use of their studies. They know that mere theoretical knowledge without its practical application in solving the problems of life is useless. Bacon himself has said, 'Knowledge is power'. The latter. category of men proves this Baconian saying. The true fulfilment of knowledge consists in attaining control over the forces of nature and in improving the lot of mankind. These men are truly wise and are the real benefactors of mankind.

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