Thursday, March 17, 2022

Write a report on the preventive measures taken by local administration against the Corona virus in your locality.

-by a staff reporter,

       Santipur, 16/03/2022: Yesterday Santipur Municipality had taken so many initiatives to aware the people about Corona virus and to stop the spread of this deadly virus. The authority at first organized an awareness camp at Santipur Public Library ground with the residents of Santipur. In this camp, Chairman of Santipur Municipality, O.C of Santipur Police Station were present. They all delivered their important speeches and advised people to obey many essential rules and regulations. They also encouraged people to cover the face with a mask, maintain social distancing, wash hands frequently with soap and use sanitizer. Also they appeal them to avoid spitting in public places. Later, a rally was organized in the locality to let all know how to prevent the spreading of corona virus. Masks, sanitizers and soap were distributed among the residents. The programmed ended in great success.

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