Thursday, November 3, 2022



Hello, I am Moon. I have another name, Luna. I was formed 4.5 billion years ago. It was around 30 to 50 million years after the origin of the Solar System, out of debris thrown into orbit via a massive collision. This collision was probably between a smaller proto-Earth and another planetoid which was about the size of the planet Mars. In our solar system, almost all moons of all planets spin at the same rate as they orbit.

I am the brightest and largest object in your night sky, which makes your Earth a more liveable planet by moderating planet’s wobble on its axis. This in turn leads to a relatively stable climate in earth. Moreover, I also cause tides, which creates a rhythm that has guided humans for thousands of years.

While people find me to be very beautiful, it is not as beautiful as I appear to be. I am devoid of plants and animals and is not a suitable place for plants or animals. Thus, you do not see any form of life on my surface.

Similarly, human beings won’t be able to live on my surface. Like how your earth has an atmosphere, I don’t have. Thus, my days i.e. lunar days are quite hot and the lunar nights are very intense.

Similarly, while I may look beautiful from the earth, I don’t have a forbidding appearance. In other words, I am full of rocks and craters. In fact, even if you look at me from your naked eye, you can see some dark spots on me. They are dangerous rocks and craters. In addition, my gravitational pull is less than that of your planet earth. As a result, it will difficult to walk on my surface.

I have different phases as I move along my orbit around the earth. Basically, half of mine is always in sunlight so half the earth has day while the other half has night. Meaning to say, the phases of me depends on how much of the sunlit half you can see at any one time.

Ever since the beginning, man has been fascinated by my beauty. You have looked at me with wonder and it shows in the earlier works of poets and scientists. To reveal my mystery, scientists tried to study me.

Thus, a lot of attempts were made to send humans to me. On July 21, 1969, two Americans Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin made it to me. They got to walk on my surface and collect my rocks.

After that, those astronauts had a safe journey back to earth. A lot of American scientists have sent their men to me multiple times now. Thus, man has conquered me and it is not a mystery anymore.

To sum it up, I shine bright at night when the sun is not on duty. I shed my silver light which is very cool and refreshing. Moreover, I am extremely happy and proud to be a part of your solar system.

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  1. It is such a nice autobiography of the moon 🌙. It helped me for my exams.
    Excellent job to writer .
    Hope you find a good opportunity for yourself and your autobiographies.