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MCQ on Sonnet 19: When I consider how my light is spent by John Milton. LCC 2

1. The writer of this poem is:

a. William Shakespeare

b. John Milton

c. Wordsworth

d. Keats

2. Milton wrote total sonnets:

a. 22

b. 23

c. 19

d. 24.

3. The number of this sonnet is:

a. 22

b. 23

c. 19

d. 24

4. John Milton was a poet of:

a. Italy

b. France

c. England

d. Switzerland 

5. Here the word ‘light’ refers to:

a. sunlight

b. lamp light

c. electric light

d. eyesight

6. After losing his light/ eyesight, the world seems to the poet:

a. cruel

b. dark

c. wide

d. both d & c.

7. The word ‘one Talent’ refers to:

a. God gifted power to write poetry

b. God

c. gift

d. none of above

8. According to Bible (Parable of Talents), ‘Talent’ refers to:

a. Money or wealth

b. Gift

c. Power

d. none of above.

9. The world seemed dark to John Milton because:

a. He was sad

b. it was night

c. he lost his eyesight

d. world was cruel

10. According to the poet, God gifted Talent is ___________  to hide:

a. power

b. wealth

c. money

d. death

11. God gifted talent is lodged with the poet:

a. used

b. useless

c. energetically

d. none

12. Poet’s soul is eager to:

a. earn money

b. serve his Maker/ God

c. read Bible

d. go to heaven

13. “……..to serve therewith my Maker”—Here ‘Maker’ refers to:

a. God

b. Bible

c. Readers

d. God’s messenger

14. The poet presents his true account in front of :

a. God

b. Bible

c. Readers

d. God’s messenger

15. The poet wants to present his true account in front of God because :

a. God may chide/ scold him

b. God may kill him

c. he may forget to write poetry

d. None of above

16. “Light denied” means:

a. no sun light during night

b. wind blows away lamp

c. blindness of poet

d. no power to write poetry

17. Who rescues the poet during his mind’s dilemma?:

a. God

b. Readers

c. Poetry

d. His patience

18. According to patience, God does not need poet’s service or God’s gift because:

a. God has thousands of men

b. God is angry with poet

c. God lost his hope

d. None

19. According to Patience, the best server of God is he who:

a. writes poetry

b. bears His mild yoke / duty

c. works in home

d. none

20. “His state is Kingly”—Whose state is referred to here?

a. Poet’s

b. Reader’s

c. King’s

d. God’s

21. God’s state is mentioned in the poem as:

a. Kingly

b. Poor

c. Helpful

d. Hateful

22. Thousands of God’s server are waiting to run over:

a. sky

b. land

c. ocean

d. land and ocean

23. Who are waiting to serve the God are also:

a. the server of God

b. not the server of God

c. cruel to God

d. the God

24. The word ‘Yoke’ refers to:

a. duties to God

b. duties to plough

c. power

d. wealth

25. Which Biblical context is mentioned her?:

a. Parable of Talents

b. The last supper

c. crucifixion 

d. birth of Jesus 



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