Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Report on Seminar on “Cyber-Security Awareness” held in your school for school magazine.


Seminar on Cyber-Security Awareness Held in Kinder Joy Academy
--by Avinandan Barui

          Santipur, 03/01/2023: Yesterday Kinder Joy Academy, Nrisinghapur, Santipur organized a seminar on ‘Cyber-Security Awareness” in our school meeting hall to raise awareness and educate students about the risks regarding cyber-crime and the necessary measures that can be taken to prevent such activities and protect personal data and information. All the students and teachers participated in that seminar. School authority invited Mr. Madan Ghosh, cyber security expert to deliver his speech on that topic. He mentioned how to set up strong password on social media platform, internet banking and on other platform. He advised not to share password and OTP with anyone and change password frequently. He also advised not to click on unknown link and not to receive suspicious phone calls. He showed a video presentation how ethical hackers cheat common man and steal the personal and sensitive data, photos, contacts etc from device and even money from bank account. The seminar ended with great success.  


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