Friday, September 25, 2020



1. Adversity always presents Kalam opportunities for introspection.

2. Dipping his fingertips into the water and saying a prayer, Kalam’s father sanctify the water.

3. Kalam tried to emulate the fundamental truths in his life.

4. Kalam’s father could convey complex spiritual concepts in simple Tamil.


1. Predominantly Muslims and also many Hindu families lived amicably together.

2. Spiritual matters wearing traditional clothes.

3. In trouble or they reach an impasse.

4. Thank almighty and merciful Allah.


1. You should say this to the people.

2. My father’s lineage was not as distinguished as my mother’s lineage.

3. I had a very secure childhood.

4. My father said to me,” There is nothing mysterious about prayer.”

5. I felt the conviction that there exists a divine power.

6. However, all that were necessary, were provided for.


1. The first chapter of APJ Abdul Kalam’s autobiography “Wings of Fire” has been entitled as “Strong Roots”. Here he tells us a vivid description of his childhood, parentage. His mother’s generous spirit, and his father’s religious beliefs and practical wisdom had made him an ideal man. He got everything in terms of food, medicine or clothing except inessential luxuries. He had a secure childhood both materially and spiritually, taught him the lesson on universal fraternity, humanity and divinity. The seed that was within the soft and yielding soil of his family grew into an enormous tree with the strong roots into the deep earth. Thus, the title is simply and very much appropriate.

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