Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Describe the ending of the play The Post Office by R.N. Tagore / Description of Last Scene of the play The Post Office by R.N. Tagore .

Answer: At the very end of the play The Post Office, Amal dies. The death is described as the eternal sleep. Through this death, Amal’s soul gains eternal freedom. The lamp in the room is blown out. It signifies the death. Only the light of the star is allowed to enter the room. The light of oil lamp is different from the light of the stars. Light of stars may light the soul of a man whereas the lamp’s light can light the physical body. At last Sudha, the daughter of flower collector comes to Amal's house because she wanted to give him flowers. At that time, according to Kings physician Amal has fallen asleep. This remark allegorically meants that Amal had fallen into internal sleep i.e. death. Then Sudha puts her flower which she brought, into Amal's hand and tells the physician to tell Amal that she has not forgotten Amal. It may be interpreted in this way that 'Sudha' always remains with man before and after his death. To Amal, Sudha signifies the taste of freedom.

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