Tuesday, September 1, 2020

How does Amal describe Postman?

Answer: Amal is a boy full of creative imagination. He suffers from an incurable illness and so the village doctor has told him not to go out of the room. So, sitting by the window, inside his room, he meets so many passers-by. Once, he meets the watchman who informs him about the king’s postman who carries letter all day. Amal’s mind always wants freedom. So immediate he wants to be a postman. In his inner eyes, he can remember as if he had seen long ago that the King’s postman is continuously coming down the hills with a lantern in his left hand and a bag of letters on right shoulder. He also can remember that so many days and so many nights the postman has been coming down uninterruptedly. Along the zigzag dusted path by the river at the place where the mountain falls mingles the ground, he is coming and coming. He comes and comes through the narrow path running in between the maize field beside the river – beyond is the sugarcane field with bunds alongside-through them he is unendingly coming—he comes alone; inside the field crickets are chirping, only a Kadakhocha (bird) is wagging its tail.


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